Exclusive Blind

-Made for balcony-

Exclusive blind is designed for balcony use to give protect from the sun and as well from curious people. Exclusive Blinds are finnish innovation and manufactured in Finland. In manufacturing Exclusive Blinds we use only the best materials that have suitable properties for balconies. Exclusive Blinds are made by measurent so that gives you the best solution and finished appeareance to your balcony.  Exclusive blind is the best adjustable blind to protect against sun heat and it is suitable for all the balcony types.

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Exclusive Blind controller. 

Controller is made by using only weather-resistant materials. Controller is very handy to use.

kuva2.jpgExclusive Blinds head rail is unique.
Head rails housing structure protects all the components from dust. Head and bottom rail are made from extruded aluminum and powder coated.